What tool doesn’t exist that you would love to see? – 30 Days of Tools, Day 17

Welcome to Day 17 of the 30 Days of Tools challenge. And welcome to the future! :crystal_ball:

What tool doesn’t exist that you would love to see?

  • Share a tool idea that would really help you on a day-to-day basis that, as far as you’re aware, doesn’t exist right now
  • What special features would it have?
  • What problem/s does this future tool solve?

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:point_right: Have you seen the amazing schedule and registered for Test.bash();?

It’s on October 28th, 10am-10pm UK time. Available with a Pro Subscription or you can purchase a ticket.

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I’d love a tool that automate MoT Checklist for Testing Web Page Functionality: checklist for testing web page functionality | Ministry of Testing I did Cypress function to check some but it is not perfect. I want something between Cypress and BugMagnet.

  • In my imagination: I’m on the web site, I click on “MoTMagnet” (could be another name), I choose if it is a date, number,… then it runs one by one checklist points and I “just” have to click “ok” “ko”, than I will have a report with all KO and can import it into JIRA (or Mantis or…) to create bugs :heart_eyes: (with console logs and screenshots).

It will improve my covering case with manual testing and I will gain so much time with bug reporting.
I have this dream and hope it will be reality :sleeping_bed: If you do such kind of extension for sure I will give you :star: (and all my support: I can test you tool, give you feedback, share it to other testers…).

  • A tool to measure test coverage for API testing, which would indicate which parts of an openAPI/swagger file have been covered
  • Coverage would cover routes, but also responses and input types
  • would help ensure that the API checks are in place

Tooling to test Microservices infrastructure from a component level would really be the next big thing.

Given the tech is now pretty well established, I think a tool that can bypass initial setup and provide you an easy way to do the following, would be a great start

  • access the variety of Microservices components
  • execute tasks on them
  • easily add and manage test data.
  • monitor the performance and view logs

Currently from what I’ve seen, every company has its own set of utilities that testers and devs use. But a common tooling would really help get past ops blockers and concentrate on testing.


Tough questions but here’s a magical answer XD

  • A tool which automatically tests based on Acceptance Criteria.
  • It would also automatically writes CORRECT Acceptance Criteria XD

More test coverage and more automation with less effort! :slight_smile:


Maybe something like this exists, but I’d like a tool that checks my API schema and generates the requests with all the different field combinations for me.

Test data creation, with a whole lot of variations covered.

Saves a lot of time and avoids incorrect test values, caused by human errors.

Richard and I had a bit of catch up, but we managed to cover Day 17 in this live stream:


Have you seen Dredd?


This has some basic capabilities similar to those you describe.


It might have been Dredd I was thinking of. I did some research across a few different tools and I seem to remember looking over this.


Thanks, I’ll go check out Dredd! :smiley:

A test management tool that is a pleasure to use. I haven’t found one yet.

Easy to use editing tools for your test write ups. Easy way to set like a parent test that you can extend into more specific ones that is a breeze to use. Nice ways to link this to automated tests.

Making the documentation part of my job easier so I can focus on the harder things.