Cover Letters: Do You Read Them?

If you’re in a position of reviewing CVs/Cover Letters, I want to know:

Do you read cover letters?

When I’ve been in a hiring position I always read them. If someone has taken the time to make that effort why wouldn’t you. I do know those that don’t but I wouldn’t want to work with them.


Only when the CV looks interesting. Without a good CV, the cover letter is often irrelevant.

A good CV doesn’t necessarily mean a ton of experience, but it does mean someone able to speak to their potential working with me.

Would love to be able to say “yes, always” but when we get 100+ CVs for a role, it quickly becomes impractical.

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I have a mostly hate/hate relationship with cover letters, mostly having to write them myself rather than actually reading them. I never actually ask for a cover letter.

That being said, if someone has taken the time to write one especially for the role that I am hiring for, I will take the time.

Some of the key things when recruiting are time, respect and trying to remove bias from the process.

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