Cypress runs old code instead of running updated code

Hi guys. I have started to create test cases in cypress. I run the cypress from the terminal with npx cypress open command. it keeps running the old code not check the updated code under the integration folder.


Some questions which might help you troubleshoot:

  • Did you save your file? :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Are you running your tests from master or from a specific branch?
  • What is the full command you are running?

Can you share the code? I mean if it’s a personal project and not something you’re doing at work - in which case you probably have an Non-disclosure agreement in place. So if you can’t share specifics a bit more background would be helpful.

Depends on your setup, But if you are running npx cypress open only then i’m guessing you have a separate server running your application. Check if the actual application has been restarted? npx cypress open on its own doesn’t relaunch the application.

Worth checking this out if you use js