David Bouckaert

Hi, my name is David, 31 yo and I’m from Belgium.

I am a Quality Assurance Engineer for a tour operator SaaS system and in the past for a medical software system.
I have been in the IT/Software industry for about 10 years but only fell into the testing role 2 years ago.
I am the only tester with 14 developers and have been doing automated UI & API testing.
I am primarily using WebdriverIO and Supertest, both with Mocha and chai.


Welcome to the community, @dbouckaert ! :grinning:

Thanks for sharing and for letting us learn more about you. It sounds like it might be quite the challenge if it’s only you working with 14 developers.

Are there any particular Club posts that have piqued your interest?

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@dbouckaert Welcome to MoT! :partying_face:
Didn’t know about supertest yet, going to check it out & glad to see you took the testing role :wink:

Greetz from Belgium!

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Hi David,

Nice to meet you !

I used WebdriverIO with Mocha and chai in my first step as a tester, I remember it was not evident (it was years ago in 2016) but now with the tutorials and testautomation U things are easier :wink:

Good luck


Welcome David!!!

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