Deadlocking an application, what's your experience?

What’s a deadlock?

Deadlock is a state in which each member of a group waits for another member, including itself, to take action. An example:

Sample B is the deadlock, where 2 people wait for each other to perform an action

Sharing my story but I like to hear yours also!

I was just new on the project and so I had to test/explore this application when most of our team members (all devs) had holidays and I had access to the only “admin” account on the test environment. I was playing around with permissions, and yes you can see it coming, I deleted my own admin permissions. :man_facepalming:

At this point a deadlock occurred and I was forced to logout.

Later that day… they were mad at me for doing it… they asked me why I did it?
So I reversed the question to “why did you allow me to do it?”

So yea there are a lot of types of deadlocks, what is your experience deadlocking an application?
Perhaps you can give me some new idea’s :wink: