Discord & Game nights of MoT?


So I was wondering 2 things:

We have a MoT slack channel but why not Discord?
It could be a lovely thing to have a MoT Discord, same concept as Slack but you’ll have some voice channels also where people can drop in and chat to each other or explain some things. I do believe discord is more hyped these days compared to Slack. Since I have discord open 24/7 and not slack. (personal opinion, but I’m looking towards the ‘young’ generation using discord 24/7, at my current client, they also made a discord server to interact with our end-users, which is working damn well.)

I would be more likely to say on the Club forums when somebody has a problem “I could come on discord to explain it” & easy to share screens.

Or people could have random chats in there also, in the “hangout channel”. I’m comparing it a bit with the Testers hangout but without video and easy to hop in.

Let’s have some game nights with the MoT Community? We could play some Pictionary or Gartic Phone or perhaps Among Us XD

I think it would be the same concept as a meetup but less “formal” and more interactive for everyone, it’s more of a networking meetup then a learning experience. Although I believe many will still learn a lot if you talk about what you do.

Thought? :wink:

Kind regards


I’ve never played any of those games aside from the last one, once or twice, so don’t expect anything formal if I do drop in! I prefer quizzes, something I also suck at, but love laughing at bad answers.

As for the channel idea, I find the slack “lack of immediacy” strains some more obscure questions by overloading with surrounding noise, but it also helps a lot with other kinds of discussions where Slack really shines. I’m all for going where he cool kids are, TikTok is one example, it will always be slightly evil in my books, but so many other places are just not moving quickly at all. I could Discord. I hope there will be rules.


Then gartic phone is for you! :smiley:


Discord also offers many bots which could be gamification. Gamification encourages people to participate in lots of events, helping others etc. Levels etc…

I agree! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m always up for games. Found a new friend to play TeamFightTactics with through the testers hangout.

But I think we should play Age of Empires II with lots of people. Looking for a duo who will give me all their gold and wood in return for good vibes and maybe some walls.


that’s a smart idea ! I like it :slight_smile: Happy to play with you games or testing things chat when possible !


Hey Kristof!

We did consider Discord when we merged the 2 Slack groups but, at the time, it was blocked in a lot of workplaces. We were also wary of additional moderation by having both Slack and Discord running so we decided not to go with it. Discord is something we’ll continue to revisit and consider, as there could be many benefits for the community if MoT created and hosted one.

Did you know that there is a recreational gaming channel on the MoT Slack and people on there do have gaming sessions in groups? :slight_smile:


I’m up for it, a bit of fun and socialization with my tester friends would be nioooice! :smiley:


I did not :open_mouth:
I’m going to check it out! <3


Ah, you been “slacking off” , the Slack channel game channel is pretty sweet, even if it is full of Animal Crossing, no idea what that game is really about since it does not involve roads nor genetics as far I can see.


Sounds cool, I’ll follow this thread :slight_smile:


I can also offer jackbox party packs 1-6 :slight_smile:

Do we have a channel in slack for this already?


Yep, I’ve just added you to recreational gaming on the MoT Slack :slight_smile: