Does Pro subscription include access to the past 99Workshops?

Hello, hope this question is relevant to this category - does Pro subscription include access to the past 99Workshops? At least to some latest


I am pretty sure it includes access to everything, because I watched a lot of older events including workshops, the only things it doesn’t have (from what I understand) are some features related to the Team plan.

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There is loads of stuff in there, hold on a second, the workshops are not my thing, the 99second talks are though, they are in amongst these search results, it’s pages and pages of content.

I’m in my second year of having pro access, and I have to say, in a busy job, it’s been great because I can never find time for conferences that are heavy on yammering on, so I love the way I can skip to all the tech bits.


Hi @isk,

Thanks for your question.

We intend to stop recording 99-Minute Workshops as the value tends to come from participating in real-time. A browser-based keyword search and filter might help you find what you’re looking for beyond workshops. For example, this one for “javascript” returns all sorts that you can filter by “Masterclass”, “99 Minute Workshop” and more.

There’s also a dedicated set of workshop recordings from Ministry of Testing Partners.

We intend to improve how folks discover useful resources on the Ministry of Testing platform. It’ll include enhancements to how search and filtering work. Here’s a sneak peek of one of our developer’s screens of what that will likely look like. :eyes:

ps Nice one @mirza and @conrad.connected for helping out here with your replies.


Many thanks for the responses - such quick help is actually one more point why should I buy this Pro plan.


Glad to hear it, @isk.

If you have any further questions feel free to reply here or message accounts at ministryoftesting dot com or start a chat via the chatbot on

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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