Community driven apps for MoT

I love working with community members to contribute to additional apps and integrations for most of the products I like and use on a daily basis.

Which made me wondering, if there are any plans to open up the API of The club and/or the dojo ? (Including auth that evaluates for pro features)

Something that I’d love to contribute is a mobile app for dojo where you can download videos so you can watch it uninterrupted during travel, or a mobile app for the club for a much better mobile experience.

This also allows collaboration between the already awesome community. Would anyone be interested to start with? :blush:

Thoughts ?? @mwinteringham, @friendlytester

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Hey @jaswanth we certainly have some app ideas for MoT, but focus and budget have never aligned.

It would require a bit of dev work to open up the end points, which would be tough to prioritize at the moment. But I’ll talk to Mark and make sure we keep a track of this offer.

With regards to The Club, you can use the Discourse app, and just add The Club as one of your spaces.

Discourse Hub - Apple - Android.

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