How are we doing?

New forum here! It’s been a long time coming!

Please feel free to let us know:

  • your thoughts
  • new ideas
  • missing stuff
  • bugs
  • and just anything we can improve upon!


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Great to see this forum use the Discourse platform! Here are some things I like about it:

  • Rewarding contribution with badges helps keep people engaged
  • Formatting a post/reply is super easy, especially with the preview view
  • It’s easy to see what’s new and unread
  • The notification system is engaging
  • Sharing and referencing posts within other posts is quick and easy

Congrats on moving to an excellent platform. Here’s to greater engagement, awesome chats and tonnes more learning! :rocket:

ps I couldn’t find any MoT emoji :open_mouth:. Are they available?

Thanks Simon! Will get working on the MoT emojis :slight_smile:

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Ace! :grinning:

I also forgot to add that the platform is really device friendly. Super easy to navigate and contribute on a mobile, for example.

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The club looks good, only wondering why the copyright is 2016 and the name Software Testing Club Ltd (See below on page)

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Copyright is updated. Software Testing Club Ltd is the name of the company behind Ministry of Testing.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I like it! It looks very clean and easy to use.

I’d probably be more likely to use the mobile version so having that in mind when making big changes would be appreciated.

I can see the “Rants” section being misused so maybe moderate that more than the other forums.

Haven’t played with it too much but very pleasant experience thus far.

Perhaps a little more detail on the badges? Like say, sporcle badges ?

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What does one do to earn a sporcle badge?

Well, anything from creating an account to completing certain puzzles.

bit late to the bandwagon, but I like it in here a lot. Good work.
Is there a badge for found bugs? You know, I simply had to enter February, 31 as my birthday :slight_smile:


Proud of you Christian :slight_smile:

Hey guys - what about the Discourse App (iOS or Android)…I’m trying to connect and it sez “Sorry, you do not have the required trust level to access the user API.”

Is anyone else using the Discourse mobile app?



BREAKING NEWS: Emoji now available.

:the_club: :testers_chat: :automator: :checklister: :chuck_norris: :comedian: :drafter: :drama_queen: :enforcer: :expert: :explorer: :intellectual: :magician: :micromanager: :networker: :nit_picker: :sage: :socialiser: :mot_logo: :meetup_ninja: :ninja_black: :ninja_blue: :ninja_brown: :ninja_green: :ninja_navy: :ninja_orange: :ninja_pink: :ninja_purple: :ninja_red: :ninja_yellow: :testsphere_blue: :testsphere_green: :testsphere_grey: :testsphere_orange: :testsphere_pink: :testsphere_purple: :swtc:



I should use it more often and be more appreciative. In order of doing so, I would like to change my e-mail address, because the one used to sign up will become obsolete soon. Can not find how or where to change it?

Hi René - you can edit your email over on The Dojo where you created the account - then sign out of The Club and sign back in, your email should be updated.