MoT Site Badges - how to "win" them

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Hey guys!

I’m a total sucker for nudges and gamification, so I love the MoT club badges.

I’m a bit stuck on how to get a few of them, and think they may be either inaccessible to me (correctly) or no longer relevant. I’m thinking the Certified badge for completing new/advanced user tutorial (cannot find this anywhere so guessing its only new users that can be directed to it?).

The “reader” badge is won when you read every reply in a topic with more than 100 replies, but I can’t actually seem to find a topic that fits this description, could you lower the threshold maybe?

Also only one person has won the wiki badge and thats @friendlytester - I can’t find a wiki anywhere, which is quite possibly me just being daft but thought I’d ask.

Finally - how have I only just become aware of the MoT emoji!! :ninja_blue: :ninja_brown: :ninja_green: - excellent work!


p.s. yes, this post is unashamedly so that I can get a few more badges hehe.


Hey Beth,

Thanks so much for the feedback :slight_smile: A lot of the badges are preset by the tool we use for The Club. It’s something that’s on my list of things to review this summer. I’ve got some exciting plans linked to badges that link into even bigger plans across the whole platform :eyes: and The Club ninja of the month :ninja_purple:

We do have one topic that has over 100 replies and another closely behind so if you want some light reading :wink: to get that badge, take a look at this ordered list until I get to review the settings.


Will deffo do that, cheers

gets her quoting badge two for the price of 1*

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Hey @bethtesterleeds,
As mentioned by Heather, badges will be getting a focus in the not to distant future.
My Wiki badge is out of the box and was awarded to me when I was testing wiki’s on The Club :slight_smile:

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