Free April - for Pluralsight - Maybe you want to have a look

Hello all,

I do not know if this has been posted yet or not ( could not find a previous post for this year with this Subject) but maybe you want to know that you can use Pluralsight for free in April…

I am not a mega user of Pluralsight but they do have some nice videos here and there.

Have a good one


I sub to one of the competition providers, and often think wow I’m missing out. But an annual sub is worth it even if you only use it a few times a year.


I got my yearly subscription on Black Friday, it was a hefty discount so it might be worth waiting for that time to save a nice of $

Premium (a bit pricier than standard but you get practice exams for the certification tracks) for one year is $239 and I got it for $143.18

What I really like with Pluralsight is that they don’t let just anyone publish a course there, so it saves me a lot of time when looking for courses, they’re quite good. On Udemy for instance you can find really good courses but have have to spend time weeding out the trash, there are lot of bad courses and plagiarism too.


@mirza - I totally agree with your point regarding content.

I even know for a fact how the process is because I wanted to make a course for Pluralsight, but a bug called COVID ruined my plans and have stopped the process there.

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That is one of long-term plans as well, doing conferences and courses is a huge career boost and apart from being more employable in the long run it might be better then working for others till you’re old.

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Who knows maybe we do a course together at one point :slight_smile:


Every year, free pluralsight for a month I love it! <3
Always follow Troy Hunts and Dale Merediths vids.

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