Free online training - Pluralsight =)

(Viv) #1

Hello all,

Do you fancy learning something new in the new year or want to just brush up on your skills?

I was informed this evening that Pluralsight are offering 3 months of full access to all of their courses for free… I’ve logged into my account and sure enough it’s true!

You can Sign-up for free or login to your Dev Essentials here:

Once logged in, Scroll down to the ‘Professional Development’ section and you will see Pluralsight which states free for 3 months. Click active and enjoy full free access to all their courses!

Pluralsight isn’t just for developers, there is a range of courses on there for testing, business analysis, user experience, etc. Want to brush-up on your Microsoft Office skills or to learn a bit more about that Windows 10 laptop you got for Christmas then I’m sure Pluralsight has a course for you.


(Dirk) #2

Hmm, I don’t get this to work. I subscribed for the free trial (10 days). That’ll expire Jan 15th. But there is no way to enter the 3-month period as far as I can see. I cancelled the 10-day trial but that doesn’t work either. Any thoughts on how to get the 3 months?
EDIT: oh wait, probably need to go there through VisualStudio. Checking that now.

  • Go to
  • Log in
  • Under Pluralsight click on ‘Get code’
  • click on Activate (which doesn’t really appear on the button since it is blue text on a blue button…)

(Viv) #3

I’ve just logged in under another email address and it still shows as 3 months free pluralsight. Use the below link (if your not already logged in it will ask you to then re-click the link)
It’s half way down the page after you login :slight_smile:

(Dirk) #4

Yes, thanks for your reply, I already updated my post. You need to go to visualstudio, do NOT go to directly (as I did).