Does this seem like a scam to anyone? Thinking of doing it in March

Haha well…I was hoping you could tell me. I’m really rather green at this and anything I could make to put on my resume would be great. I can always come up with ideas on my own of course, just making sure you didn’t have a better idea! I’ll check out your link first thing in the morning. Thank you!!


I am also a trainer & coach and when I teach them for example API Testing I’ll give them the REST project from Pet Clinic with my own made-up assignment as homework. Feel free to try it! :slight_smile:

Imagine you’re a secretary of a Pet-Clinic. A client is calling and she wants to make an appointment.
Her Dragonfly is in need of surgery.

  • Create a new pet owner.
  • Add a new pet to that owner.
  • The pet is a dragonfly.
  • You can name the pet however you like.

The client says: Aaah! Stupid me, it was my other Dragonfly which needs surgery!

  • Update the pet name.
  • Find a vet which is specialized in “surgery” and make an appointment in the future.

At this point, the client her patience is running out and she doesn’t have faith in your pet clinic anymore.
She says: I’m leaving, according to GDPR you have to remove my data!
The lady on the phone asks you to delete the following data:

  • The appointment
  • The dragonflies details
  • The owners details

Create this flow in Postman so you can run this flow in the Collection Runner multiple times in a row.
Make sure to test accordingly. Give it a shot running it with Newman and let your tests run by Jenkins!

You are free to call the pet whatever you like.
The owner details (name, is your name) address details, make something up!



I would suggest reading Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin More Agile Testing - The Book - Agile Testing and finding bugs in the website of a company you would like to work for and sending them the bugs. I wish you the best of luck!


Thanks again Kristof. I appreciate your help very much!


And if you do not have the funds to pay for the BBST course, the original content that Cem Kaner developed is free:
BBST Courses (


My personal recommendation would actually be to stay away from ISTQB. It isn’t as big a thing in the US as some parts of Europe, and it gives the illusion that there’s only one definition for any given term, or one way to do things, etc. I’m also not sure I would particularly want to work for a company that values it because to me that would imply they have a rather shallow view of testing.

Some things I would recommend are the book “lessons learned in software testing”, Michael Bolton’s blog (, the BBST courses as someone previously mentioned (Cem is also one of the co-authors of that book above). And really anything that helps you build and hone your critical thinking skills even if it isn’t labelled “testing” per se. The “Rapid Software Testing Explored” class is also really good but that’s like $600 for the three day class.


Wonderful! I have Lessons Learned in Software Testing sitting on my shelf ready to be read next after Explore It! by Elisabeth Hendrickson. I will also check out Michael Bolton’s blog and BBST. I may be able to do the $600 for the three day class - I’ll discuss with my fiance. Thank you so much!


Heck yeah I want to do that!