Dual Monitor Mount

Hi there! We are building a home office and I’m looking for recommendations on a dual monitor mount. The unit would be situated in a corner. It can mount to a wall or desk or be a sit to stand unit. What do you love? Thanks!

Having tried a few dual monitor mounts, I actually lean towards multiple single monitor mounts - being able to reposition where the base attaches allows for a lot more flexibility in getting the monitors positioned with respect to each other. The standard dual-joint arms means that there’s some geometry limitations to where the focal plane can be with regards to each other. This is less an issue if you’re going to have both monitors in the same orientation, i.e. I have one in landscape and the other in portrait. If they’re in the same orientation, I’d likely get one of the mounts where the up/down/vertical is the same for both, e.g. one of the ones that just has a horizontal bar with some VESA mounts spaced out on it, something like this instead of the arms.

But if you’re going to run multiple orientations or displays with different dimensions that you want to position precisely with respect to each other, I’d suggest two single arm mounts. If you’re willing to really splurge, the Herman Miller Ollin arms are pretty fantastic for their range of motion, though they only support up to 20 lbs. (I wouldn’t pay the $$$ for these personally, but it’s what we have in our office.)