Final activity - Reflection on the cohort

Hello all,

Thanks again for attending our first ever cohort. It was a real pleasure having you all join us on this training journey and both @friendlytester and I were very happy with everything you’ve achieved over this month.

To wrap up we have one final reflection activity for you to do:

  1. Create a grid with four sections on either a piece of paper or using a tool
  2. Add in the four key focuses of AiT into each of the sections. One should say Strategy, another should say Creation, another Usage and the final one Education
  3. Take five minutes on each section and think about what you’ve learnt and how that might help you in your day to day work
  4. Capture three actions in each section that you would like to carry out over the next 6 months to a year. For example, you might add: Model the application with my team, learn JavaScript (the best!) or discuss automation goals with your team.
  5. Collate your actions and store them somewhere. Come back to them at a regular basis and reflect on how you’re getting on with each action. Have you achieved them or do you need help?

If you would like, please share them in this thread to help commit yourself to your actions and share with others.

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