Hello from a Founder/Software Engineer for a UI testing platform

Hi all

My name is Jasvir and I’m currently working on a UI testing platform (https://caact.us), currently it can

  • Record and play UI tests in Chrome
  • Create schedules to automatically run your tests
  • Create Slack alerts to notify you when tests have passed, failed or ran

I’ve joined the community to get beta testers who’s lives would hopefully be made easier with Caactus and learn some of the pain points/missing features the pros like yourselves experience with existing tools.

Happy Friday!!

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Heya & welcome to MoT! :slight_smile:

I very much like your platforms name, is there is a demo available or to play with?
Always happy to beta test <3

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Kristof thank you for your response our website to register interest and we’ll send across the details right away!!

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