Hello. i am new to MOT and testing. I am writing this post to introduce myself

Good Afternoon everyone,
I am writing this post to introduce myself to the club.
I am from Pakistan but I lived most of my life in Saudi Arabia. I am fluent in Urdu, Hindi, English and Punjabi and I also have MBA from Malaysia.
I returned to my country of birth because of economic issues caused by COVID shutdown. The economy is not in good condition here either because of political unrest and corruption.
I have wanted to work online for a very long time and decided the time is now. I found out about QA testing a few weeks ago. What interested me was that i dont need to have many technical skills or computer science degree to get started.
I have purchase software testing masterclass, software testing bootcamp course from udemy.
What i intend to do is to complete these courses within 1 month and start applying online. Long-term i intend to learn automation testing and be a qa lead. I desire a salary of Minimum us$2500 a month.
Please welcome me to this beautiful community and guide me. PLease write comments on what i need to know, and am i aiming too high with salary as i live in Pakistan and will work 100% remote.
Please guide me.
Hazeem Azam Dar


Welcome to MoT @hazeemazam and welcome to Testing :slight_smile:

I wish you good luck on your jounrey!
Here are some interesting threads/topics you can go through to start out: