Hi, I'm Ide from Holland!

(Ide) #1


So, being a ‘silent’ member for some time, I know have prioritized some other stuff to be able to learn and discover more about all the things that MoT has to offer, including ‘The Club’.

Who am I?

Ide Koops, 34 years old, girlfriend and dad of 2 boys (4 and 2)…
Working in Testing & QA since 2008, so that’s 10 years now…

Testing really became a passion, with a huge focus on helping others… And I have learned a lot about doing that on an effective way. Within waterfall and team, towards agile/scrum, devops / spotify model and at this
moment assignments as test architect / project lead (less hands-on testing, but building quality in the way of working)… And still a lot of alpha/beta user testing on different projects in my spare free time. Call me addicted.
Also I like being as lazy as possible, so automating all the checks when effective (or even better, if it isn’t adding any value, remove it from the product/process).

Really got to know MoT with TestBash 2018 in the Netherlands, and that was the main reason to investigate it more. I see a lot of stuff which add value in the way I act or think… Testing (and QA (I like Quality Attitude more then Assurance, you can’t assure nothing, only provide information about what you do know)) is so much more then only knowing your test techniques and how to automate that stuff…

(S.) #2

Hello Ide
Wow nice too know i’m not alone her in Holland. Greetings from Amsterdam