HolidayBash: 99-Second Lockdown Limbo

You’ve heard of 99-second talks but what about 99-second limbo? :eyes:

Our original 99-second talk host, @testerfromleic will be hosting the very first 99-second Lockdown Limbo.

What is Lockdown Limbo?

Lockdown Limbo will test how much lockdown has affected your dexterity :grin:

You’ll be given 99-seconds to see how low you can limbo before the buzzer sounds and it’s on to the next entrant.

You don’t have to submit your name in advance to enter but if you’ve got questions about them, drop them below :point_down:

Where do we get the lowdown on how to enter?

It’ll be like the 99-second talks at TestBash @mike_123 you’ll request to join live during the session :slight_smile: Vern will give exact instructions on how that works in the live intro :wink:

:+1: Sounds a great idea :bulb:

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