HolidayBash: Crochet a Holiday Star

As part of my crafty crochet session, I will help you create a star!

This is the pattern, it includes everything you need to create the star HolidayBash Crochet Star.pdf (534.0 KB)

I’ve also done a tutorial video - have a watch and get started!

Left Handed Tutorials
Bella Coco has some great tutorials:
Chain Stitches
UK Double / US Single Crochet
UK Treble / US Double

During our crochet session, I will help trouble shoot any problems you have, maybe even invite some of you on-screen to hang out and ask me any questions. If I don’t know the answer, I can find out!

So get cosy, crochet hooks at the ready and join me for a chilled crafty session.

Ask your questions below, I’m happy to help you out!


yayyy can’t wait! I’ll brush up on my crochet skills in the mean time :smiley:


Whoop! Cannot wait…a bit nervous but it’ll be lovely to have a crafty session with folks :smiley:

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Had to share Sarah Keig’s brilliant sketchnote about crocheting which was created at the 99 minute sketchnote workshop.