How do you create yearly goals at work?

What are some good yearly goals at work to create when you’ve recently started at a new company?

I have a meeting with one of the managers to discuss goals for the upcoming year.

I’ve been thinking about ideas like automation, learning more about their cms tool, developing a better understanding of the product, improving the test processes. Shadowing with a developer to understand how to automate and learning how to fix bugs and looking at small tickets


Your goals should align with business goals, at least most of them. You may have some general goals to improve your QA practices, fix technical debt, or focus on learning, knowledge sharing, mentorship, and leadership, but there should be some correlation with the business. Managers should share their vision and business goals with you, and then you can suggest QA goals that will help the business achieve its objectives. If the business doesn’t clearly communicate its goals and problems to you, then you can choose your own goals :sweat_smile:


That makes sense. Aligning my qa goals with the business’s vision and goals

It depend on the purpose of the goals.
If monetary reward is connected, company / team success should be included.
if only for personal development - work rotation, training for competence building in line with your development in the organsiation as agreed with your manager. Stuff like “finding x bugs”(overexaggerated) is really not productive.

Yeah, these are a good set of goals to begin with. In our firm usually I sit with the manager, and we agree one to two actionable goals for year and have quarterly checks on it and see if there is something we need to amend.

So Improving processes related to quality was one and setting up the testing center of excellence was another for me according to my years of experience.

Building on what @shad0wpuppet has said, it does help if at least some of your goals are from business vision.

Your team should have some goals, which are based on department goals, which are based on company goals and so on.

But this might not necessarily be the case.

Aside from that, I would look at it in terms of strengthening my strengths and also working on my weaknesses. Try and work in a goal from each area

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strengthening my strengths and also working on my weaknesses

In the end, most goals at work are still primarily about business :slightly_smiling_face: If you work effectively, you help the business achieve its goals more efficiently. You won’t learn C/C++ if there are no plans to use it at your company and no code is written in this language :wink: But learning it as a personal goal could bring you many benefits. It just might be not easy to get such goals approved by your manager/lead. I once had such a situation with cybersecurity - business didn’t see any profits in me having a goal learning cybersecurity :sweat_smile: