How do you generate heuristics and ideas?

How do you generate heuristics and ideas for testing?

Do you look to products outside of your field? Do you get ideas from everyday things? Or something else? :grin:


For me, ordered in descending order of use/importance:

Acceptance criteria
Discussions in standups/3 amigos etc
Experience from previous projects and jobs
Peer review
Heuristics cheat sheets/forms e.g. Elizabeth Hendricksons or some of our own MoT ones:


One that has become a big one in our company is data from clinical trials (working in the medical device sector). For a long time the clinical trials only focused on the efficacy of our products, and that is still the main purpose of the trials.
I started to look at the usage patterns (flow through application) from the clinicians using our devices.
This resulted in expanding our test array with meaningful end-user tests.

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