How do you help others learn?

When you have to teach someone in your team how do you go about doing that?

What tools and techniques do you use and in what context? How does your learner understand what it is they need to learn and what they’ll likely get from your teachings?

LearningBoss @sarah1 has created a set of guides to help people with their learning and teaching. Well worth a read!

  1. Always Start With Learning Outcomes
  2. What Are Learning Outcomes?
  3. What Are The Benefits Of Learning Outcomes?
  4. How To Create Learning Outcomes
  5. Create Your First Set Of Outcomes

I wasn’t aware of this until a few months ago or so, but Bloom’s taxonomy helped me a lot while writing articles to think about what I want to write in a more methodical way, and also how to structure articles in a way that is more succinct and up-to the point.


I’m trying to diversify my techniques. Over the years I’ve ran a number of “brown bag” sessions but following on from the three Most events that I was fortunate enough to attend, I’ve tried making activities out of them.

For one on one it can depend on time available, whether I tell, show or explain.

I’m hoping that I can introduce longer sessions for my colleagues next year and definitely want to focus more on learning outcomes and structuring the sessions as if I was writing a lesson plan.