How does a junior tester "contribute towards automation efforts"

Hi all,

This week’s task analysis session has been an interesting one. We’ve been focusing on automation for the Junior testing curriculum based on the Job Profile we captured with the support of the testing community.

Specifically, for this session, we were considering the following task:

Contribute towards automation efforts

Combining a series of community activities including social questions and our curriculum review sessions to identify the steps we need to take to successfully achieve this task and have listed them below.

  • Keep up to date on current automation tools and strategies being used in a context
  • Evaluate how they can contribute towards automation in a team based on experience and skills
  • Contribute towards identifying what a team can and cannot automate
  • Use automation tools to support testing activities and feedback to the team
  • Interpret and share results of automated check runs

What we would like to know is what do you think of these steps?
Have we missed anything?
Is there anything in this list that doesn’t make sense?