How does a Junior tester go about "Communicating their understanding of a product"?

Hi all,

After a summer break, weโ€™re back and this time we conducted a task analysis session for the Junior testing curriculum based on the Job Profile we captured with the support of the testing community.

For this session we were considering the task:

Communicating an understanding of a product

Combining a series of community activities including social questions and our curriculum review sessions to identify the steps we need to take to successfully achieve this task and have listed them below.

  • Record understanding of a product in a visual or text-based manner
  • Communicate understanding (and potentially gaps of understanding) about a system through different ceremonies

What we would like to know is what do you think of these steps?
Have we missed anything?
Is there anything in this list that doesnโ€™t make sense?


For the general question the answer would be very hard in some cases I would say. I can say from experience that juniors are sometimes afraid to ask questions or give feedback ( might be related to the way things are done in schools here).

But to offer some content that would help in case juniors do want to communicate the understanding of the product the following come to mind

  • Pair sessions would other collegues would allow juniors to see and ask questions specific to a certain topic while it is being either tested or developed

  • Sprint planning is probably the best place to ask and clarify product related questions

  • Review sessions with the team after a ramp up perioad to get feedback from all. It may surprise you that some team members view the same topic differently

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