How Long Have You Waited For Your IT Dept To Do Something?

The question says it all, really. Share your tales of heroic inaction in the face of overwhelming opportunities to close a simple support ticket with a few mouse clicks.

My story? I requested access to a production system to check a bug on 30th August. I’ve seen multiple monarchs and Prime Ministers come and go in the intervening time, but this high priority ticket remains “waiting for support analyst”.


“Never” :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve been on projects where I requested access to (example: a test-mailserver for our QA environment) X or Y and it’s always ‘pending’ because the hierarchy was so insane and it needed approval above approval above approval. It was pure madness. I believe I quit the project after a year and a half.

So yea you are not alone in this scenario :smiley:


I was on a client project for 6 months and I waited 5 months for Jira acccess :rofl:


Holy this thing! I had Jira access at 9am day 1!

And now I wish I didn’t :pleading_face:


Did you import all the bugs at once?
I was on a Project once where one QA would basically have tabs open for all the bugs that he wanted to make in one day. Then 1 min before leaving work he would save the bugs and we would be spammed with emails :smiley:


I am still waiting (2 years and counting) on a request to access a specific DB on a Project. Thangs to GDPR will probably never get it


I was under a co-worker’s account the whole time, so if Jira is to be believed I didn’t do any work on that project :rofl:


XD I did that too once for 2 weeks but I also logged my time hahaha this guy worked for 16 hours a day and got flamed for logging to long but I forgot it wasn’t my account XD
After that moment, I never had a new account for myself so fast :smiley:

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I did once have a two-week contract to provide leave cover and it took the company a week to get me network access because that all had to go through corporate HQ in the US and I was in the UK and all the people who should have arranged that access were the ones on leave…

Which meant that I ended up working a week of silly hours to complete the project (for no extra money, of course…).


The cynicism in this post is rife and I love it :grinning: - We have had this issue, where we (the QEs) are answering questions within an hour when asked from other disciplines - but when we ask a question, it can take days for a response. So we challenged it.

I personally like to be direct, so for OP’s example, I’d directly approach whoever is in charge of that support process if it was possible, and I would be frank; “why have I not heard about a ticket I raised on the 30th August, what is the issue?” - the problem here is that if its done as a result of you chasing, the core issue isn’t solved (that you had to wait, then chase)

So… I do think the answer to this question can really depend on how your organisation works - who you can influence and speak to, and how much those individuals may care. Sometimes an accumulation of influence from various people can get things moving.

In the past when I’ve been ‘ignored’ I’ve raised the issue in retros, but I’d have also already raised it with my line manager, and with my team - Everyone would know I was being blocked by [whoever it is blocking me] and I’d basically make so much noise about it, it would be hard to ignore. To the point where I join a meeting and people, uninvolved, are asking me “oh hey did you get that thing unblocked” - and I’d be able to look exasperated, roll my eyes and say No, not yet.

Just be cautious you do not fall into the trap of ‘whining’ or getting personal, keep it factual - “this problem is blocked by [the blocker] and we are still waiting for [whoever]” - you could in theory mention this every single day in your standup; It’s a blocker, blocking your progress after all.