HTML Validator : Can we report issues based on HTML Validator tool?

HTML Validator : Can we report issues based on HTML Validator tool?


It depends.

Seriously, whether you can use an HTML validator tool as an oracle depends on whether the application under test uses custom attributes or not; whether the AUT is generating code from a framework such as Angular; whether the AUT puts the scripting inline or has it separated; and many other factors around how the AUT goes from code to displayed HTML.

I’ve yet to see an HTML validator that can work with even simple websites without producing an unacceptable number of false positives.

If your AUT is simple enough and uses standard enough HTML, you may be able to use the validator tool to identify and report issues. I think it’s more likely that if you use one, it will be to help you find issues caused by other factors.

I would ask yourself the question “What pressing business problem will I be solving by validating HTML? Am I the only one on the team that thinks this is a good idea or are there any other people seeing the same problem”. If you have a good reason for it, do it, othwerise move on to the next most important thing on the list.

World Wide Web has most of it pages written in computer languages (such as HTML) that allow structuring text for Web authors, adding multimedia content and specify the appearance, style that the result should have.

Every language has its own grammar, vocabulary and syntax, thus every document written with any computer language is restricted to follow these rules. HTML language is using machine-readable grammars called DTDs for all its versions up to XHTML 1.1.

However, talking about just the texts in a natural language lets say English, unlike these texts, documents created using Markup languages may not be follow these grammar rules for various reasons. The process of finding out that the document actually follows these rules is called validation. A document successfully passing this process is called valid.

With these concepts in the head, “markup validation” can be defined as the process of checking a Web document against the grammar that it is using.

HTML Validator tool is used by Top Software testing companies to check the page content for a website. It is used to check markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.

Markup validation is an important step for ensuring the technical quality of web pages we are using in any application. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) validation is a process to check websites code that determines if it is following the formatting standards.

Therefore, reporting issue using HTML Validator tool totally should depend on the requirement. If the project requirement suggests that the website code should be validated then QA should definitely report issues based on HTML Validator tool.

Hope this information is helpful for you.