If you weren’t a software tester what would you be doing?

Recently I posted a “volley” on Racket – the 9 minute audio-only community.

The replies have been absolutely amazing! Thanks @lgibbs, @kristof, @neil, @emna_ayadi, @nufenix and @mahatheed . :raised_hands:t2:

Have a listen and feel free to join in and reply with your own answer: If you weren’t a software tester what would you be doing?



hahaha doing, what ? :joy: :joy: :joy:

Drummer for a rock and roll band, work at an all-inclusive resort, philanthropy are a few things I might have done. Or, could still do.


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I’d be a Youtuber talking about RPGs, hopefully I’d have enough views to afford some bread at least… :frowning_face:


In an alternate universe, I got the job I wanted in 2008 advising a utility regulator on EU policy in that sector. Fast-forward to 2016, and (in one universe) I suspect I would have been head-hunted into the UK’s Department for Exiting the EU. After 2017, when I should have retired from the Civil Service, I would most likely been kept on, but at consultancy rates instead of Civil Service salary. (I’d like to think that I might have been able to advise my political masters well enough to get them to negotiate in good faith, but that’s another matter.) Two to three years on silly money would have set me up nicely to retire for good in 2020.

(I would have preferred a different outcome in 2016, but that’s a different alternate universe.)

In another alternate universe, I became a successful photographer and journalist. i think that would be the one I’d choose.


Uhmm, IDK. Maybe: a historian or a sociologist or a clinical analyst or a traveller (if I had money jajaja) or an electrician.