Katalon for Mobile App Testing?

Some people have mentioned Katalon as their favorite automation tool. I’m now thinking of using it to help with my regression tests on our iOS and Android apps. My question is – is Katalon a great tool to have for testing mobile apps? Is it user-friendly enough for me with minimal coding experience?

I’ve been using endtest.io and my biggest issue with them is the lack of flexibility, i.e. inability to touch the script. It’s been pretty efficient for web testing but not for mobile apps so I’m thinking of trying out Katalon.

Thanks for your help and insight!

@andreabarnes I am interested to hear how your mobile testing journey is going. Did you try Katalon in the end?

@topluddite I ended up with endtest.io.

I’m in the process of deciding which framework we’re going to put our time into and have been looking at appium / calabash for the mobile side.

endtest.io does look polished though, how has your experience been so far?

More random questions:
Are you able to import existing tests or do you have to use their interface? Are you 100% sure they are actually running tests on physical devices rather than just spinning up emulators? Are you looking at building this into you CI pipeline to run tests on each commit? (only asked as their video focused on scheduling rather than being event driven)… maybe I’m asking too many questions :slight_smile:

I recommend endtest for testers who are not familiar with Selenium because being codeless makes it so easy to create the user flow. It’s saved me a lot of time for my tests. But I won’t recommend it for mobile testing, which requires you to integrate with BrowserStack. I don’t want to subscribe to another service so the free account only allows limited sessions for testing. I have to create another user account on BrowserStack just to keep it free – but right now I already realized it’s not worth my time.

And no, you cannot import tests, just export.

I’m currently looking into testproject. Just google it; it won’t let me link to it. It’s free and it looks pretty robust for both desktop and mobile testing so I recommend checking it out too.

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Yes i did but I found it quite painful setting up on iOS devices. I abandoned it in the end and decided to go with Detox as my app is a react native app.