Learn Your Own Way at TestBash UK 2023

We launched a new multi-format TestBash in 2022, and the result was the best learning experience we ever created! We had over 370 community members come together to share their knowledge, create new connections and learn together in the way that best suited them.

So, What is TestBash UK?

TestBash UK offers a huge variety of topics available to learn in a wealth of different ways, offering the maximum opportunity to expand your knowledge, skills and connections.

As an example, let’s take a look at all the ways you can learn from @oxygenaddict (Richard Adams):

  • Exploring Security in Day-to-day Testing - in this talk, Richard will show you how security testing is perfect for the exploratory tester.
  • Let’s Go Security Testing! - in this 99-minute workshop, Richard will let you get hands-on by teaching some basic techniques to perform security testing that can be included in your testing toolbox.
  • 30-Minute Activity - it will be run twice, giving you the perfect opportunity to work collaboratively with fellow testers in finding vulnerabilities, all led by Richard.
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) - the perfect opportunity to meet and learn directly from Richard in an informal coffee-chat-like setting.

Hopefully, you’ve noticed that Richard is running a variety of sessions in different formats, all themed around Security Testing. This allows you to learn in a way that works for you. All our 14 speakers are working hard to present their experiences and knowledge in different formats so you can choose the formats you prefer.

  • Like getting hands-on? Why not attend the workshop?
  • Prefer to listen to a story? Head over to the talk!
  • Looking for a fast-paced way to learn lots of topics? Try out our activities.
  • Want to chat directly with a speaker? Attend their AMA.

TestBash UK is a multi-format in-person experience; an opportunity to learn and discover in the way you want. With a total of 56 different sessions led by our 15 speakers, we have launched an app to make it easier for you to create your own schedule: