Low observation skills on my part

So, every morning I have an alarm to remind me to login to MOT and gander and maybe just give out likes, I like to “quote” a message in the threading so it’s easy to see what I’m talking about (90% of what I have to say on any given day will be off topic, so it’s a hint to me more than to my readers) to use the “quotes”, to remind me what I was waffling about.

  1. quote a message and start responding below it
  2. edit your message
  3. ??? realize that the “quoted” bit has magically diss-apparated after you submit.

Anyone else manage to repro this better?


responding below…

I tried it on another thread but I can’t repro it, the quoted part is always there…
Sometimes it starts to edit at the bottom of the text and you have to scroll up to see the quoted message though.

Going to try to edit this message as a test also
test failed :frowning:

When I edit, I have to scroll up to see the quoted message…

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Sounds like I probably have to really stress test this, just to put my mind at rest. LOL.

I’m pretty sure it’s a browser-workings related glitch. People don’t realize how hard it is to create brilliant web apps. Browser workings and HTML rendering are damned complicated things. It’s not helped by waking up feeling I could do with more sleep.

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