Mentor needed to transition to develop in Kotlin to fix bugs

Hi community. I have been asked to learn Kotlin to be able to transition to a team to fix bugs. This seems to be a strange setting (I accept that) but It also makes good opportunities to keep the job and learn. Learning in such a pressure it is not easy. I would like to see if someone could please mentor me and help me to speed up my learning. I have done the Kotlin koans already (I had to look at the answers in some exercises as they were very hard :frowning: ) So I really need some help.
If you know Kotlin and have some time to spend with me would be amazing :slight_smile: Much appreciated

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you mean to write tests in Kotlin?

Is this for espresso by any chance?

I am writing tests in Kotlin for an Android app

Thank you Nicola. This is to be able to fix bugs in out Kotlin applications(BE mainly). I guess in order to do so I would need to be able to understand the language pretty well soI can actually fix what is broken. (Not to write test only)