MidsTest 18th September - Risks & Questions Workshop

In September’s #MidsTest, we have Simon Tomes & Rajit Singh join us for their Risks & Questions Workshop.

About the Talk:
"The risks are for the taking!

What if this bad thing happens? What about this other thing? What about that?

What should we do with all of these things that could go wrong? What should we test? Risks can cause a lot of anxiety, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Welcome to our workshop on Risks & Questions. In less than 45 minutes, learn a technique to confidently explore risks. Take this easy-to-run exercise back to your colleagues and even get people who haven’t tested before quickly sharing useful results. Embrace risks, use them to drive your testing efforts. The risks are for the taking.”

Networking is until 19:00, where the presentation will begin, followed by food & further networking until 21:00 (but you don’t have to stay that late if you don’t want to).

Free parking is available at the venue.

Our meetup venue host are Sainsbury’s and the food and drink for the attendees will be sponsored by Xpertise Recruitment.

About Simon & Rajit
“We are team & product value explorers and love to come on a journey with you. We do this with empathy, enthusiasm and focus. Our 35+ combined years of product tech roles and leadership positions offer a unique blend of quality and insight to your team.”
Simon can be found on Twitter at @simon_tomes.
Rajit can be found on Twitter @rajitbsingh.

Sign up at https://www.meetup.com/Ministry-of-Testing-MidsTest/events/263831870/

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