Need Advice Getting A QA Tester Job

Hi everyone, I’m thinking of going into QA since my SWE job search has been less than fruitful unfortunately as I don’t have any previous experience and only a CS degree. What should I focus on doing that I can put on my resume and make myself a strong candidate for a entry level QA tester role? I am in the US if that matters.


Judging by the state of the market at the moment I’d say you need to learn how to code in either C# or JAVA and get experience of some frameworks like Cypress, Playwright or Webdriver


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Your first job is always the hardest, and to be fair and honest most folk get any job they can for a while. Unless you have a student load to repay, which probably does not really change things that much. I did computer installations for a bit over a year until I got my lucky break. It can take that long to build your network if you did not network when you were in college and in any gap years we might have.


Will and Conrad have already shared some great advice.

I created a youtube video on this topic a few months ago, that i hope you’ll also find helpful

Just a word of caution–don’t expect testing to be easier than development. I think this is a fairly widespread misconception, but testing requires just as much skill and critical thinking–one could potentially argue even moreso–as development. So if you’re interested in testing, great! But I would strongly advise against pursuing a testing role solely because of lack of success landing a development role.

Also, the companies that treat testing as a lower-class, lower-skill, lower-paying role…are also companies that I personally would never want to work for.

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