Need mock tests (not exam dumps) for ISTQB Foundation level exam preparation

There are several sites claiming to give free/paid mock tests for ISTQB exam preparation. But some of them are actually exam dumps.

As exam dumps are actually against the rules since they violate standard non-disclosure (NDA) agreements. (NDA agreements typically state that reproducing, sharing, or publishing exam content, verbatim questions, or identifying correct and incorrect answers is expressly forbidden)

I found some sites which claim to give mock tests (no where in these sites they have written that the tests are exam dumps):

Can someone advice whether above sites (or any other site you know) is ‘safe’ to practice mock tests? Any help would be appreciated.

I recently took the exam and passed. I used two methods of preparation - a course on Udemy and the sample tests on ISTQB. I took them over a couple of times and the questions I received were very similar.

Things that they try and trick you with:

  • Know the difference between error, defect, and failure
  • Be able to understand equivalence partitions
  • Be able to understand 2-point boundary testing. Very important to know if they are asking for that or just the partition - as they’ll try and trip you up.
  • State changes can be tricky - understand those
  • Know your principles of testing (Pesticide paradox, exhaustive testing, etc)
  • Read through each answer on the sample exams and understand WHY an answer was wrong. There are excellent hints in there.

This is the Udemy course I took

Good luck.

I’m not sure if you’ve already used these. The istqb have mock exams available on their site.