Need to learn SoapUI


For upskilling purposes, I want to learn SoapUI because apart from automation, I guess this is one thing that is often asked for.
Please do share if anyone knows of any tried and tested resources to learn and do some practice (not just theory stuff).

I would spend some time with something easier at first, like Postman so that you can learn how API requests (SOAP as well as REST) are made and received, methods, WSDLs, format, etc. Then once you know this theory, you will be able to make better use of exploring SOAP UI.


Sure. Just curious to see how can I learn it at home, I am sure there must be some sample APIs that we can use for learning.

There definitely are loads of resources here and online.
Have a look at 30 Second APIs ( It’s a great and straightforward guide to creating your own API. Through using it, you can learn some basic concepts of REST APIs and you can create your own endpoints and use these to help you learn more SOAPUI or Postman. Best of luck!


I’m all for upskilling myself. Is there a specific reason you picked SoapUI apart from it being mentioned a lot?

As amillionbugs said, Postman is a much simpler tool to pick from scratch. I’ve used both tools now, originally SoapUI and SoapUI Pro then when I changed jobs I moved to Postman because I found it a better fit for Rest Services dealing with json data.

SoapUI is a very mature tool now and has lots to offer especially if you are familiar with Groovy script. Whereas to get the most out of Postman you need to be able to write JavaScript to manipulate the payloads.

Both tools have communities behind them to give you support too.

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Hi Cruxto

There is no specific reason why I picked SoapUI - only thing was that I saw lot of job descriptions and they require the knowledge of this tool (in my company it is more of manual work so there is no requirement to learn work-wise). But going by the suggestions, I think I should start with Postman now.

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Cool, Its worth checking out Danny’s Postman collections on his GitHub page this is linked from @amillionbugs
Link above.

Good Luck.


Before going to any tool, I would prefer everyone to read about API Testing Dojo.

It has been well-written for the beginners., I suggest that you follow the instruction in this link
It includes information about both theories and practice guidelines and good for beginners
Happy learning! :grin: