Pet pics thread

  1. Resize pics to 2048x or less so the pages work.
  2. Your animals, not ones on the internet.
  3. Guinea pigs, rats, reptiles too please, and even insects.

Maybe this thread works, maybe it does not, but worth a shot. I’ll start us off

Nala (British short haired) about 13 years old. She is our Princess, shelter cat, one of a pair obviously from the movie.
You cannot actually see it from here, but she has a mouse, hence the tail very much aloft.


Our 2 rescue dogs #DogsOfSummer


Good topic!

Here are my dogs:


My desk-loving Dread Kitty Westley:

The other two - Her Royal Highness Princess Buttercup in front looking regal and Midnight (he of the floofy tail and huge gold eyes) in the back looking out the window.

And Midnight laying claim to my chair.


Ah, so Westly is the rogue and Buttercup is the incidental Princess? I love where this is going, I want a second cat now.