Racket - Sharing Tips & Tricks


So many of us are using Racket right now and I love to listen to all of them <3
I thought it would be useful to create a sharing topic of tips & tricks for racket.

My tips:
Are you afraid of publishing your racket and you really want to make another one?

So when you record your racket and you are not happy with it for some reason… and you are at the step where you have the option to publish your racket, just change the url to not publish it. You can go to: https://racket.com/posts and actually delete it and redo your racket.

I sometimes want to go to someone’s profile to check out their rackets but I’m not always sure on how to do this through the UI and I was stuck searching through the ‘New/Top/Trending’ rackets. So I followed some people and to check out their rackets, I went to my own profile > click on following > clicked on the name of the person I would like to listen too.

If you know their username, you can just put their username in the URL example: “racket.com/kristof_vk

These were my struggles in the beginning, hope it helps some of you guys!
Please share your tips for racket :wink:


Hi @kristof,
Thanks for sharing, here’s what I can add :

  • I noticed a delay recently after you press “start”
    so my recommendation start talking after 2 or 3 sec after you start recording.

  • Another feature that I discovered also, you can add a list to your “watch later” that could be found in “my Queue”

  • Something else which is trivial, but let’s mention it: you can send a voice message to reply in private for the creator.

  • Another post that I created in linkedin Testers Making Rackets



Another tip:

If you go to someone’s profile, you can message them. BUT
If you type /ask in the URL behind someone’s profile name like so:


You can also share this page on social media if you wish for people to ask you questions.


future coming tips: Some Racket things to look forward to | Racket

  • Search option
  • Mobile app

Tags on Racket!
Careful: still case sensitive!

Suggestion: perhaps we could make an MoT tag so we know which rackets are from MoT people? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice idea! :bulb: maybe we can run a vote to choose the most suitable tag. I like MOTPEOPLE already or MOTRACKETS