Selenium with python for product testing

Hi guys,

I have been given the assignment to implement automated tests into company product.
Product consists of:

  • GSM device to gather data from machine
  • web application
  • mobile application

Do you think next thoughts and technologies are the right choice for automation?

I have started to write GUI tests for web application with help of professionals with python and selenium as a tool to talk with browser. Project is done according to POM and talking with database is only for simple selects and soft deletion because software is rapidly developed. From this point of view even some data on API level is accessible with this technologies.

Do you think this was a good choice for technologies?


Hello @nito404 and Welcome!

If I were assigned to create automated tests, I would be cautious in my test planning. Automation is not a testing technique but a testing challenge solution Without knowing more about the challenge, I couldn’t be sure about the choice of solution.

For each one of the products listed, there may be different challenges to consider and each may require a different solution. The GSM device may require testing solutions for embedded development, the web application and APIs might benefit from broader, deeper unit tests, and the mobile application could require multiple devices to evaluate.

Before I could answer a question on good technologies, I would start with what it is you want to learn from your tests.


Joe makes a great point. You want to start with a testing strategy first. What scenarios would you want to verify work? Then go about choosing the tools that facilitate that. What risk do you want to mitigate or reduce and what’s the most maintainable way to achieve that? Automation relieves the tedium of covering common scenarios and frees up testers to explore the unexplored.