Services to use to deploy to Soundcloud/iTunes/Spotify etc?

A podcasting question came up on Slack recently that fits perfectly into the Podcasters Club :slight_smile:

any recommendations what service to use when you want to start a podcast and have it deployed to soundcloud, spotify, itunes etc?

@arlene_andrews offered

@mjruttenberg suggested

Acast (has a free service). “Starter” package is adequate to get started.

@sjprior added

We use Buzzsprout. ( You can have a free version which only keeps your episodes for 90 days then $12.99 a month for a premium version.

@gemma.hill1987 uses

libsyn for mine (on hiatus but still available)

What about you? What do you use?

We have been using Buzzsprout, as @sjprior has mentioned. It has done a really good job of making our podcast available on all the major podcast platforms, and has some really nice analytics tools as well.

@heather_reid also ensured that we were added onto the MoT RSS feed!