✍️ Share Your Blog Post — May 2023

Have you published a personal testing-related blog post in May 2023? :writing_hand:

Reply to this topic with a link and a brief description of what the reader might discover and learn.

It takes effort to write down and share our thoughts and experiences so let’s celebrate that across the testing community. :trophy:

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Hi @simon_tomes :wave:

:bulb: Recently, I came across an interesting idea that caught my attention: QA team as a fire department. Recently, I came across an interesting… | by Dmytro Stekanov | May, 2023 | Medium



Blogpost #291 Which parts of the testing world would you need a guidebook for?

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My first blog in May: Why we should work in small batches - a story from Japan

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I wrote a little something on positive and negative testing: Testing Basics: Positive and Negative Testing | Testing Thoughts

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Reading Accelerate has got me thinking about testability: How can you improve the testability of your product? – TestAndAnalysis


This month I wrote 4 articles about several topics:

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I’ve written two posts this month:

Why dev testing fails, which is basically me ripping apart myself as a developer whilst also advocating why you can’t just rely on people testing their own work (using manually or automated tooling).

Shifting the QA stuff left, which is about the wrestles that I’m having with my work.


Hey! In one of my latest articles, I uncover the 4 critical red flags that every tester should be aware of.
Check it out if you are interested :point_down:

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