Shared notes from November's Thursday Testing Tea with Thomas Shipley

Thomas Shipley facilitated a sterling Thursday Testing Tea, using the super-effective Lean Coffee technique.

Here are the shared notes captured during the session.

  1. What might you do with this information?
  2. What conversations can you keep having or spark with your team?
  3. What action could you take next?

Feel free to also reply to this thread with questions, thoughts and ideas.

Security Testing

Resources to learn.

Let’s Go Threat Modelling from TestBash UK 22

OWASP Juice Shop

Try Hack Me

Tester Education

Is ISTQB the right place to start learning to test?

Learning Testing Resource from Michal Zima:

MoT Club:

Test Automation University:

Rapid Software Testing:

Consider learning more than testing topics to help you become a better tester.

Effective Automated Testing

How can my team start off right from the start?

  • Don’t try to automate everything.
  • Be selective with what test cases you pick.
  • Focus on automating what is likely to give results - consider data-driven testing to get the most bang for your buck!
  • Don’t automate test cases like a human treat them like a robot! - A Context-Driven Approach to Automation in Testing - Satisfice, Inc.
  • Pesticide Paradox - just because you are not getting bugs from your testing doesn’t mean they are not there. Bugs can be hiding around your automation. Consider exploratory testing to help find more.
  • Defect Clustering - look to automate where defects keep appearing.
  • Add custom test ids to your UI.

What Do You Want From Your Programmers

  • I would like them to go beyond basic checks like unit tests. They can do more such as automated UI tests.
  • Use positive framing to help developers not see an us vs. them testing police dynamic.
  • From a developer: Shift left just means less testing by the testers!
  • Be a mentor and take time to talk quality and ask developers how you can help them. You can pair with them and help with code reviews too.

Why are load test results so darn confusing!