Snapshot Test against FigJam

Hi @all,

Very briefly the background of my question:
We are currently developing a webpage. The development process is a bit outdated. We are aware of that and it is not the topic of this thread.

First, a design template is created in FigJam. Based on this design template a frontend prototype is developed. This prototype is in turn the basis for the actual frontend.
As part of this process, we are still manually testing twice against the design template in FigJam at the moment.

Now to my question:
Are there any tools that can be used to automate the tests and test against FigJam?




before I can give an answer I have to ask a clarifying question:

Testing against FigJam means you take the prototype and check if the layout, colors etc. of the prototype match the design template in FigJam?


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I would prefer to test the final frontend against FigJam.
If we would test the prototype against FigJam we still have the risk of producing an error when creating the final frontend.

At the moment, however, I doubt whether automation is the right approach in this case…

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