🌷 Spring is Finally Here and So Are TestBash Spring Recordings

I’m still over the moon to see over 650 registrations for TestBash Spring 2023!

On the 23rd of March, our worldwide community met online to discuss a variety of different testing topics in what was an epic TestBash online. The recordings took a little longer to be made available to everyone as not only were we at Selenium Conference in Chicago, but we also had a scare: some of the recordings were not visible and for a week we really thought they were lost forever.

Hopin did a great job in getting to the bottom of the issue and managed to find the lost recordings! So all is good again and I’m happy to share that all talks and live sessions from TestBash Spring can now be watched or re-watched on our website.

There are now two ways you can watch or re-watch them:

As a Pro Member, you get to watch these and all previous TestBash sessions, as well as free access to all the online events, workshops, courses, masterclasses, articles…. the list goes on!

If you’re not yet a Pro member, you can upgrade your account now for Β£24.99 a month.

Enjoy watching over 8 hours of brand-new talks and live sessions to grow your testing skills!