Test management integrations with linear?

In my new gig, the product folks I work with are using linear for project management. It is preferred (By my boss) that test information be integrated with Linear.app. I see there are a few test management tool integrations with linear. Does anyone have any opinions on:

  • Testmo
  • Testiny
  • Testomat

(those names tho…)

The goal would be to initially document test scenarios for later automation and to surface those tests and information in linear.

I can probably research most of it, but I would be interested in any thoughts, especially if anyone has used these.


Integrating test management with Linear.app is a great way to streamline your project management process. While I haven’t personally used Testmo, Testiny, or Testomat, their integration with Linear could offer some exciting possibilities. It’s worth considering factors like ease of use, compatibility with your team’s workflow, and features like test scenario documentation and automation support.
If you’re looking for more resources or insights on teamwork management, you might find https://planfix.com/teams/teamwork-management/ teamwork management page useful. It could offer additional tips and best practices for integrating tools like Linear with your test management processes.


@msh I can give overview and demo on linear.app integration in https://testomat.io. DM if you want to have a call.