TestBash Revisited: Finding Testing Allies

For our first webinar of Exploratory Testing Week, @mwinteringham will be joined by @melthetester to revisit Melissa’s TestBash Brighton 2017 talk - Finding Testing Allies.

If you’d like to continue the discussion from the session, or you thought of more questions you’d like to ask after the session, add it all to this thread :grin:

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If you want to learn more about “glue work” check out Tanya Reilly

@stuc shared https://skribbl.io/ in the chat.

@melthetester gave a shout out to @ezagroba’s TestBash talk

If you want to run your own bug bash, check out this article from @jamesespie

Talking about collaborating with customer support, this article series from @jamesthomas came up

@angryweasel aka Alan Page was also mentioned in the session along with his course (which has exercises here on The Club :grin: )

WOW - Go Heather! You rock! Thank you for collecting all these awesome resources in one place. I hope they help folks :slight_smile:

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