Tester in a rubber world from Lyon, France

Hello testing world,
I read a few topics here (very interesting, btw) since my sign in on May but I didn’t took the time to introduce me. Shame on me. But I am french, so you may forgive my rude manners as part of my culture, hum?
Last introduction from Florence and greetings from Stephane made me realise that I am not the only froggy here so I feel mor at ease.
I went to testing by chance during a project management internship in a web agency. And it happens that I finally like it a lot more than making Gant diagrams and explaining to the client why we won’t be on time and why it is so expensive, etc. I love proling around a product and trying all sort of weird journeys to see what happen if I do this or that.
I now am a functional tester (tne first and only one) in a Michelin’s compagny (you know, the french tyre manufacturer) that operate most of the e-retail websites of the group.
So I do a lot of manual test but I also try to automate most important things and also keep an eye on velocity and performance, as well as I try to get the production process better (shadow part of the job). And it’s a very good position but I sometime lack of other QA profesionnal to talk with.
And I hope my english skills do not completely dismiss me from future posting. I misuse it on a daily basis and still feel I am mumbling.

Sorry for the long post, here is a potato-growing-plant in a tyre


Welcome Boris!
I can relate to this :

it’s a very good position but I sometime lack of other QA profesionnal to talk with.

Given the number of frenchies, we could start a French connexion :wink:


So that’s how potatoes grow in France? Amazing!

Off course not!
Patatoes come all sliced and already fried ans salted.
Belgians can testify.

Welcome here Boris. And see you in another Lyon Testing Meetup :slight_smile:

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Welcome Boris!
Not much a poster myself in here yet, but a reader for some time.
One day I will introduce myself as well :slight_smile:
This is will have to be a mountain or a bottle of Chartreuse I guess.
Talk to you in here or elsewhere soon!
(french as well)


Hi Laurent,
I guess you are from Grenoble. Am I right?
I will be pleased to read your introduction one of these days.
And we may meet at one of the events created by SColson ansd the Lyon Testing team.
Have a nice week.

Indeed Grenoble yes.
I will try to come to Lyon Testing team meetup one of those days… not so far from the mountains indeed.

Looking forward to see you in Lyon Laurent. Maybe as a speaker if you want :wink:

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