Testing Game: Bingo of Nutty Tests

Excited to share with you a new game and celebrate N°10 in the episodes that I did via Racket.

Special thanks to Zoé, who made me discover this game :slight_smile:

Bingo of Nutty Tests is a morning ice breaker contains 16 situations that every tester can face, they divide themselves per common situtations with a PINs or labels (if I did the correct translation of the french word “Gomette”) then they discuss what kind of solutions idea they have to solve those problems (technical or non technical ones).


It was a fun racket to listen to! :sunglasses:

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Thanks @mirza !
One reflection I had after publishing this episode, we can link it to “would heu-risk it?” as this game is about nutty tests :chestnut: “problems the testers could face in their daily work” and they trigger discussions related to their common situation, and the other deck can provide tools, weapons ideas how to overcome them :slight_smile:
what do you think @simon_tomes ?

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