The Ministry of Testing Scholarship

We’re hoping to create a page soon on our website to make it easier for everyone to contribute to the Scholarship Fund, check out who our Scholarship Heroes are, read all the stories of those who got something from the Scholarship Fund, and apply to take advantage of the Scholarship Fund.

Until that happens,I just wanted to add here what the Scholarship Fund is and how to apply for one.

The MoT Scholarship Fund is the brainchild of Rosie and was set up back in 2013 to give something back to the testing community. The community has given us so much over the years and has enabled us to grow into what we are today.

A huge part of the MoT philosophy is, and always has been, to create a business that is strong enough to support and encourage talented, determined and passionate community members, so that the community can continue to flourish. This act of paying forward will always remain at the heart of everything we do.

We have never really shouted about The Scholarship Fund before but we now think it’s time to create a hubbub! We want to cause this noise so that we can reach out and support more fledgeling testers and active community members than ever before. We want to shout about how pleased and inspired we are from the successes of those who have previously won a scholarship. We want to yell about the generosity of the truly awesome people and companies who have donated their fees and money to The Scholarship Fund, which are matched by MoT to double the goodness.

If you’d like to apply to the Ministry of Testing Scholarship all you need to do is complete this form: Scholarship Application .
We’ll then get back to you with a decision. As you can imagine we get a fair few of them, so I encourage you to put some thought into it.


Nice one, @dianadromey. Thanks for sharing here!

And if you’re a previous donor to the scholarship fund — and are up for sharing — why did you donate?

I’ll start. I donated because I saw something special in what this community does for the confidence and careers of the people within it.

If someone didn’t have the means to access more learning material via Pro or attend an event like a TestBash, then the scholarship fund could help them. They could get just that – they could get the confidence to find the career for them. Knowing I played a part in that is a lovely feeling. The feeling is not the reason, it’s just a fortunate bonus.

How about you, why did you donate to the MoT Scholarship Fund?