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I’m pav from India, a wanna be CA now a QA (just the difference of a letter eh!). My university degree seemed futile since I realised that I was not cut out to become a chartered accountant. Also, my degree was in banking and I had not joined the race to become an engineer (India and the infamous engineering degree).
My brother was a tester and he encouraged me to apply for a testing role and then magic happened. Software tester in BFSI industry, my degree finally paid off.

Have been testing for over 6 years now and I’m known for exploring edge case/negative scenarios, and it has helped me in identifying some costly bugs. I specialise in testing corporate and retail banking systems and thus I have dubbed certain bugs as costly. In fact my degree in banking has been instrumental in every step.

I hope to learn and gain insights on latest trends in testing here and also interact with the friendly community.

I test, therefore I am,


Welcome to the Club @pav
Thank you for reminding us that all backgrounds adds value to testing :slight_smile:

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@jesper Thank you :slight_smile:

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It is good to have you there.

Diversity in testing is important. We need people with multiple backgrounds to have other approaches to the same problems. It is the only way to make it three-dimensional. Different minds bring different perspectives.

You would probably be a very good business analyst. I find people with domain expertise and technical curiosity really valuable for requirements engineering. They help us remember the user and often have a very comprehensive view of business processes.


Spot on @florence , most people who work with me have different degree background and not just computer science. Their impeccable knowledge in the domain makes them the backbone of the team. Technically, I have gap in my skills as I am yet to work on a project that has implemented agile process and also in terms of automation I have just started to learn python.
I’m in fact applying for Business analyst roles :slight_smile:

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